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for future generations

What’s new

Vertical integration

Alpine Renewables is in the process of constructing our pre-treatment plant in Tanjong Langsat, Malaysia, estimated to be completed by Q4 2025. In addition, we are looking at constructing a fatty-acid-methyl-ester (FAME) processing plant as our phase 2 plan. Pre-treated waste products extend our market reach to a wider range of clientele across the world, and also streamlines the production towards renewable biofuels that power sea, air and land transportation needs.

Our Competitive Advantages

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Strong Network and Reputation

Long-term cooperation with highly fragmented suppliers to manage the source of feedstock/waste materials, as well as possessing high levels of attention to detail with regard to our supply-chain management’s procurement, collection, paperwork declaration, bulk building, and trading to ensure compliance with our internal sustainability system and global regulations.

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Experienced team, ensuring quality and quantity of products are met

More than 50 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry. Ranging from trading, logistics, process plant experience, inventory management to financing.

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International Certifications to serve our clients globally

Alpine Renewables has sponsored many of our supplying Palm Oil Mills for registration with ISCC and INS, enabling full traceability in our supply chains. Our bonded storage facilities facilitate ease of import and export for international markets, enhancing logistics for on-time deliveries.

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Adept at dealing with base source of materials as well as large multinational corporations

Registered to transact with most international oil majors and state-owned petroleum enterprises.

We have the capacity and experience to deal with large corporates with stringent procedures and certification requirements, while waste oil collections require on the ground adaptability with the constant shifting of local laws and practices.

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Low cost focus with strong emphasis on efficiency and profitability

Our knowledge and experience in logistics and operations imparts organisational efficiency and savings to our clientele.

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Highly scalable model with high barriers to entry for large corporations

While the barriers to entry in the renewable energy sector is relatively high, our scalable model has placed us in a unique and strong position to continuously expand our collection network and export centres.  

Our Presence