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Our Presence

Our Milestones

Alpine Renewables and Edible Oils Pte Ltd is established, headquartered in Singapore.

YEAR 2020

YEAR 2021

  • Exported our first Used Cooking Oil from China to Bulgaria in April 2021.
  • PT Alpine Renewables Commodities established as Collecting Points.
  • First ISCC registered POME Oil exported in December 2021.
  • PT Alpine Renewables Commodities
    awarded bonded facilities.
  • Collaboration with over 25 palm mills for sourcing of POME Oil. Education of ISCC regulations and monitoring.
  • PT Alpine Palm Resources established as Collecting Point with bonded facilities.

YEAR 2022

YEAR 2023

  • PT Alpine Biofuels Commodities
    established as Collecting Points and
    awarded bonded status in Q2 of year
  • Alpine Biofuels Sdn Bhd is established for vertical expansion to construct and operate pre-treatment and stripping plants as phase 1 plan in Tanjong Langsat, Malaysia.

Our Products

Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Oil

Palm Oil Mill Effluent is wastewater produced during crude palm oil production.

Traditionally released from the palm oil mill into a system of sedimentation ponds to remove solid residues, including oil and grease before further handling or discharging the wastewater into waterways.

The oil recovered from the wastewater is known as POME Oil. POME Oil skimmed from the pond is usually decanted further to reduce its water content and other impurities. It is considered to have zero GHG emissions at the palm oil mill.

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Oil that has been used to cook food for human consumption.

UCO are collected from households, restaurants, food factories, hotels and malls and processed through filtration system to remove food residues and impurities before being used as feedstocks for biodiesel.

Fatty Matter and Waste Oil

Fatty Matter is residue that is derived from the physical refining of food-grade palm oil for the food and chemical industries.

It is one of the key waste/non-food residue feedstock for the production of biodiesel.

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

Palm Kernel Shell is the shell fraction left after the palm nut has been removed for crushing in the palm oil mill. 

It is a by-product from the production of palm oil. Due to its nature, PKS is easy to handle, easy to process (crushing), and has limited biological activity due to its low moisture content.

Hence, PKS is widely used as a fuel in biomass power plants to blend or completely replace coal.