Our Sustainability Agenda

“Journey towards sustainability”

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our core corporate principles. We recognise the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and utilise said indicators as a blueprint towards ensuring positive socioeconomic impact as well as ensuring robust corporate governance.


We are committed to leave positive social, environmental, economic and ethical footprints through our operations and investments in the waste-to-energy space, with the concept of identifying and understanding the most material ESG topics that drive our long-term business sustainability and value creation.

Policies and principles

What we believe in and how we work

Our work ethic stems from our core values and business principles. We strictly adhere to our code of conduct. Conducting all our business in a respectful, transparent and responsible manner. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by Alpine Renewables Employee, Business Partner and Human Rights Policy. These principles will support our vision as an integrated
market leader in the renewable energy space.

Sustainability Framework

We take steps to ensure human rights and social responsibility, ethical principles and transparent corporate governance.

We provide Code of Conduct training to our employees and partners.

We ensure a safe, healthy and productive workplace for all.

Monitor and ensure supply chain’s sustainability and traceability on waste materials in accordance with local and international regulations.

It involves the development of our impact evaluation from the perspective of value chain emissions modelling (GHG Value) in pursuit of the global carbon net-zero goal.

Focused on educating and cultivating our stakeholders’ knowledge on environmental and sustainability matters through collaborative ventures.

Reporting a Concern

We are committed to foster open dialogue throughout our value chain and to create a culture where all stakeholders are heard. Any misconduct and/or unethical behaviour against our Code of Conduct is taken seriously and we encourage stakeholders to report any concerns openly.


Our employees can report their observations of misconduct to their supervisors or team leaders, management, or via our anonymous communication channel below which is open to all stakeholders.